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"It's two a.m. and I'm still awake writing a song..."

...these words are my diary screamin' out loud...

where the words meet the Mind
Okay, so I'm a poet who wants to catch serial killers when she grows up and loves wasting her time on the Intertubes and being ~*artistic*~ in her fandoms. I write fic and make wallpapers, mainly, and with the occasional icon post or picspam thrown in for good measure.


Criminal Minds
I love this fandom, no matter what the canon does to the BAU. Been around here since middle of S6, and I mostly ship Rossi/Reid right now, but I also read:

~ Hotch/Reid
~ Rossi/Prentiss
~ Morgan/Prentiss
~ Hotch/Garcia
~ Garcia/Reid
~ Hotch/Garcia/Reid
~ Morgan/Prentiss/Garcia
~ Amanda/Reid
~ Hotch/Haley

Star Trek TOS
My first real fandom. I still love it to pieces, even though I'm not as active anymore. My pairings are:

~ Kirk/Spock
~ Scotty/Uhura
~ Pike/One

Star Trek 2009
I love it to pieces. I also ship practically everything. My pairings:

~ Kirk/Spock
~ Kirk/Spock/McCoy
~ Kirk/Gaila
~ Kirk/Sulu

~ Spock/McCoy
~ Spock/Gaila

~ Pike/Kirk
~ Pike/McCoy
~ Pike/Nero
~ Pike/One

~ McCoy/Khan
~ McCoy/Chekov
~ McCoy/Chapel
~ McCoy/Uhura

~ Sulu/Chekov
~ Sulu/Gaila

~ Gaila/Pike
~ Gaila/Uhura

~ Uhura/Chapel

~ Scotty/Chekov
~ Scotty/Enterprise
~ Scotty/Kirk
~ Scotty/Uhura
~ Scotty/Keenser

~ Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Uhura
~ Kirk/Spock/McCoy/Pike/One
~ Orgies

Sherlock Holmes
I love how ragingly homosexual and misogynist Holmes is. Pairings:

~ Holmes/Watson
~ Holmes/Watson/Mary
~ Mary/Irene

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
Yes, it's cancelled. No, I don't care. Pairings:

~ Mick/Prophet
~ Beth/Coop
~ Mick/Reid
~ Gina/Seaver

X-Men Movies
A more recent addition to my plethora of fandom loves, with many ships I happen to love. Charles/Erik is of course the OTP 4eva and eva, but I also really like:

~ Scott/Logan
~ Logan/Remy
~ Scott/Jean/Logan
~ Ororo/Kurt
~ Hank/Alex
~ Bobby/John
~ Rogue/Warren
~ Moira/Sean
~ Raven/Azazel
~ Azazel/Riptide
~ Raven/Azazel/Riptide
~ Charles/Emma as a bromance only
~ Emma/Raven
~ Shaw/Emma, when Emma is a badass and doesn't take his shit

The newest love on this list. I'm a complete and total Destiel nut, but I'm six months too young to join the main comm. It makes me sad. Pairings:

~ Dean/Cas (duh)
~ Sam/Gabriel
~ Sam/Ruby
~ Sam/Dean (every now and then, mostly when Cas isn't around/is being a dick)
~ Bobby/Crowley (Crowley, you are more flamingly homosexual than fucking Sherlock Holmes.)
~ Sam/Lucifer
~ Michael/Lucifer