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This is for an RP I'm applying for. Apparently Tumblr refuses to work for me here.

Your name


Your age


Your timezone


Name of your Character


Atleast three choices for FC

Ellen Marlow, Jennette McCurdy, Amanda Michalka, Alyson Michalka

Animal DNA

Honey Badger

Character history/background

Isra doesn’t remember life before the school.  All she knows are the cages and the White Coats and their tests.  It bothers her, and that’s why she winds up escaping.  That, and, well, Honey Badger does what it wants.  Beyond this, I don’t know much about Isra’s history.  Is this enough?

Character personality and traits

Isra is quiet, because there’s something wrong with her voice-box and she can’t speak properly.  She makes honey-badger noises instead.  Her teeth aren’t particularly good either.  But she knows a lot – she’s very observant, and when she decides she wants something, she’ll go after it right away, and she won’t let anyone stop her.  She’s irritable and doesn’t usually bother with making herself totally understood – she figures her actions should speak for themselves, since her voice can’t.  She’s also only barely literate, having been one of the mutants who never really did what the White Coats wanted.  Also, she’s quite young when she escapes – only sixteen.

Roleplay sample - must be in the character you are applying for and at least 2 or more paras long

Honey Badger does what it wants.

Those words, spoken by a pretty White Coat with blue eyes, reverberated through her head as she moved through the forest, dirt under her feet.

Honey Badger does what it wants.

She could smell the clean of the School on her skin, and she was not going to go back there, but the Erasers would have her scent, too.  They would find her by the bleach and the ugliness of her smell.  She gritted her teeth, not wincing when they shifted wrong, and through herself into the dirt.  She rolled, and rolled, and rolled, until she couldn’t smell the clean anymore, only the dirt and the leaves.


She got up again, and took off, searching for safety.

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